DREAM NAILS: joyful rage

Hotblood Magazine talked with Dream Nails ‘JOYFUL RAGE’


There’s a line in one of my favourite books, Animals by Emma Jane Unsworth, that goes: “Someone sees right to your backbone and simultaneously feels their backbone acknowledged.” It’s one of my favourite lines, from one of my favourite books, and it most perfectly (most ardently? Haha) describes how I felt when talking to the absolutely amazing Dream Nails, at a picnic table in the beer garden at The Victoria in Dalston. I felt understood and thoroughly acknowledged, and the ideas we were discussing felt like ones I’d always thought about, and I wanted to tell them (and in fact did tell them) my (somewhat clichéd) hopes and fears. And they responded in kind. So the below interview is kind of personal, it’s kind of important. I was a bit emotional still even the day after, and it was hard to pinpoint exactly why. It’s quite a special…

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