Fire at Will ‘Life Goes On’ album available in your favorite shop!

Fire at Will’s Life Goes On vinyl is available in Europe, USA and Japan! Pick up an LP, CD or digital download directly from us at Digital downloads or streams can be had at the following online spots as well:

Or pick up a physical copy at one of the fine retail locations below:


  • Far Channel Records (Japan)
  • I For Us Records (Belgium)
  • Tower Records (Japan)


  • Bad Mood Asso (Lyon, France)
  • Chorus of One Records (USA)
  • Crapoulet Records (Marseille, France)
  • FCE Records (Mantova, Italy)
  • Le Laboratoire (Toulouse, France)
  • No Way Asso (Nevers, France)
  • Shield Recording (The Netherlands)
  • Ugly and Proud Records (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Vicious Circle Toulouse (Toulouse, France)

The band also has copies with them on tour, of course.


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